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change the world with crazy ideas

Jordan Muthenthaler are a Berlin based Art Duo focusing on the interplay between Art, Invention and Business.

Our approach is to not apply the easiest solution, nor the one that might ensure the outcome.

We think if you have an idea and go with the craziest version of that idea, you will most likely create something really new and therefore exciting.

Our beliefs:

  1. Every Invention is new by definition and Art is new or it’s not Art at all but rather a copy.


  • Every Artwork should be experienced by as many people as possible. Therefore there’s always a business angle.


To understand why crazy is good and normal is crazy we have to go back a few years and show you a few of our products and projects.

1995 we had a erfindermesse

Idee kostenlose Beratung für Erfinder.

Sicher besser nach dem Studium statt als Informatiker oder Anwalt zu arbeiten.

Our families still think that was our craziest choice.

We never

In 2005 we had the crazy idea to establish a memorial day for investors.

Funny enough, if you aim high you might succeed.

Logos von Teilnehmern die ihn anerkannt haben

Deutsche Regierung…

2009 Always drawn to crazy ideas we opened up a little store called Erfinderladen where inventors could sell products that retail chains found just not worth selling.

Funny enough some of those things turned out to be bestsellers and were later sold in exactly those retail chains.

Only about 0,0000000001% of people ever have a Marian apparition, or Jesus or Elvis or even Amy Winehouse.

That sucks. That’s why we brought everyone the joy and life changing experience of a vision of the holy mother of God. Hallelujah

*not really a…. TeText vom becher

In 2016 we conceived the idea of an entire village for inventors and crazy artists like ourselves.

After a lot of media attention the investor decided that our concept might just be a little too crazy. We respectfully disagree

In 2018 we had lots of fun as experts on a TV-show about inventions. You know what they say about TV experts? It’s not true.


In 2020 it became really painful with an international art project for tattoo artists.

We were the first to get inked for the real inked cards project. 52 Playing cards tattooed by the greatest tattoo artists from all over the world. The Canvas – crazy tattoo lovers.

The project will reach it’s peak with the release of an Art book and the finished deck of cards. Projected mid 2021

Make food delivery sexy and „fair trade“!

During the Covid19 lockdown people had to order most of their food and it was delivered by underpaid slaves. And that, while all the beautiful ladies who usually work the night, had to stay home. Hence – peep delivery, where you order dinner and a show. The world’s greatest little show.